Mehrdad is a high-energy; creative, passionate, and mindfully effective & visionary leader.  In his over thirty years of experience in the Semiconductor, Telecom, Broadcast, Consumer Electronics, & Medical Device industries, he has consistently achieved high degree of success through sharp focus on strategic vision, understanding competitive landscape, flawless execution, mindful team building, synergistic partnership, and inspiring excellence.  He has held many senior executive leadership roles at various high-tech corporations such as Ultrawave, In2Wave, Xilinx, Intel, Broadcom, & Sony Semiconductor. In these roles, he has run several multi-hundred million-dollar P&Ls with few hundred-employee organizations grown both organically as well as through M&As.  He was directly responsible for acquisitions of over a dozen companies ranging from a few hundred million to over a billion dollars.


Currently, he leads Niham Technology Group.  Along with his VC circles, he invests and participates in the leadership of well-established small to mid-size technology and medical device companies. He serves as chairman of Ultrawave and board member of Evena Medical. As VP/GM of Broadcom RF/Wireless division in ’99 he grew that organization from 50 person engineering only team to a full fledge Business Unit with actual P&L and markets participation in several consumer wireless markets such as hand-held, mobile station, Bluetooth, RF tuners, 802.11, etc. As exec. GM of Intel’s Optical semiconductor div., he was overseeing little over $150M in revenue and several hundred people mostly comprised of his acquisitions such as N-serial, Cognet, large part of level1, SF Telecom, Softcom, Giga Germany / Denmark, etc. In that position, he had several operation GMs and x-CEOs (of the acquired companies) reporting to him. As COO of Xilinx’s DSP division, he was responsible for the entire division of several $100M operation.  He established systems & applications group from ground up & was responsible for partnerships and M&A specific to DSP division. At Sony Semiconductor, he founded Mixed-signal BU from ground up and built it to a formidable organization participating in several consumer electronics & Hard-Disk Drive markets. 


Mehrdad has a Ph.D.EE from Stanford University, M.S.EE & B.S.EE from UCLA with Summa Cum Laude and has been awarded thirty nine patents (in analog, mixed-signal, video, and consumer electronics areas) and has published tens of publications. 

 As hobby, Mehrdad has developed many mathematical models for day-trading and auto-trading systems.  He also enjoys his free time playing chess and basketball, swimming, hiking, reading, and meditating.

With over 30 years of management experience, Mehrdad Nayebi has proven himself as an effective senior business executive in the semiconductor, telecommunications, broadcast, and consumer electronics industries. In addition to his engineering and technical expertise, Mehrdad Nayebi has overseen a number of large-scale organizations and led several multi-million dollar acquisitions.

Mehrdad Nayebi began working in the semiconductor industry as a member of National Semiconductor’s research staff, designing and evaluating BiCMOS analog macros and BiCMOS gate arrays. After earning his Doctor of Philosophy in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University in 1989, he became one of the two founding members of California Micro Devices, acting as the company's Director of Engineering. In addition to recruiting and managing the company’s original team, Dr. Nayebi was responsible for developing, planning, and producing the firm’s semiconductor products.

In 1991, Mehrdad Nayebi joined Raytheon. As an ASSP Design Manager, he staffed and led a team of 15 designers working in video processing and data converters, ATE pin electronics, and avionics products. Dr. Nayebi next joined Sony Semiconductor as Director of Engineering and Marketing Consumer AVD, building the company’s mixed-signal business unit. During his time with Sony, he received a number of technical excellence awards and directly participated in more than 60 publications as first inventor.

After more than a decade of managing high-level engineering departments, including acting as Executive General Manager of Intel’s 500-employee Optical Division, Mehrdad Nayebi shifted his focus to funding new high-tech ventures, including hardware semiconductor and software startups. As Executive Venture Partner at AiTech Software and ProComm, he initiated and ran an Angel Venture Fund with a group of industry associates and executives. In addition to acting as an incubator for early stage ventures, ProComm assisted its portfolio of companies in recruiting top-level executives and board members and strengthening their business and marketing strategies.

In addition to his business endeavors, Mehrdad Nayebi supports educational programs in Middle Eastern villages and organizations working to cure lymphedema. He is also an accomplished public speaker who enjoys nature and travel and maintains a membership in the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).