I have over thirty years of equally strong engineering & business experiences in semiconductor, Telecom, broadcast, & consumer industries and have held senior business executive roles at several high-tech companies such as In2Wave, Xilinx, Intel, Broadcom, & Sony Semiconductor over the last decade. While I have consistently been closely hands-on with all the key engineering & technical related matters, in these roles, I have gained significant experience in running several hundred Million dollar P&L with several hundred-employee organizations.  

As one of my key tasks in these roles, I was directly responsible for acquisitions (from several hundred million to over a billion dollars in value) of several companies such as Mircolink / Innovent, Pivotal Semiconductor, Cognet, N-serial, Giga (Denmark/Germany) and  helped acquiring many others such as Newport communications, Light Logic inc.   My primary responsibility, however, has always been:
-    to get in a business that I originally knew only little about,
-    jump in & gain both business insight & strong technical expertise,
-    build very strong technical teams from design all the way to operational expertise
-    built marketing teams from ground up
-    quickly learn the key components of its respective markets,
-    passionately launch new product strategies and alliances,
-    & directly interact with tier one customers & sales force.
-    strongly focus on “winning customers” as the means to combat & steer away from “internal politics”.
All that combined finally lead to realization of revenue by participation in high-growth sectors.  In so doing, many time I have reorganized, brought in new key players with fresh perspectives and creative strategies, re-staffed, and directly participated in setting the goals and directions of managers and motivate & communicate to their employees.

I relocated from Bay area to Newport Beach during 99-00 while working for Broadcom as their General Manger of RF/Wireless business.  In that position, I grew that organization from 50 engineers team (that initially was only providing analog front end to all other BRCM business units) to a full fledge Business Unit with actual P&L and markets participation in several consumer wireless markets such as hand-held, mobile station, Bluetooth, RF tuners, 802.11, etc.

Similarly, when I joined Intel as their exec. GM for their Optical component div., I was overseeing little over $150M in revenue and several hundred people mostly comprised of my recent acquisitions such as N-serial, Cognet, large part of level1, SF Telecom, Softcom, Giga Germany / Denmark, etc. In this position, I have several operation GMs and x-CEOs (of the acquired companies) reporting to me.  I have had an enormous amount of exciting and learning while acquiring these companies and devising integration as well as marketing  & product strategies.  

As COO of Xilinx’s DSP division, I was responsible for the entire division of several $100M operation.  I established systems & applications group from ground up. & was responsible for partnerships and M&A specific to DSP division.  I  helped strengthen emphasis on market penetration via key strategic partnerships  & developing ecosystem to provide a total system solution.

At Sony Semiconductor, I started the Mixed-signal BU from completely ground up and built it to a formidable organization participating in several consumer electronics & Hard-Disk Drive markets.  

I have a PhDEE (along with most MBA courses audited) from Stanford University, MSEE & BSEE from UCLA and nearly forty patents registered (in mixed-signal, data acq., and/or consumer electronics areas) and tens of publications.  

Best regards,

Mehrdad Nayebi, Ph.D.